Light Installation (2010)


Players can control ligth and sound objects interactive installation. The objects, old vacuum cleaners with attached plastic bags and light bulbs are placed mid-air in the room. The interaction is done via a dance mat video game controller. By triggering various pads on the controller, corresponding objects get switched on resulting in the inflation of the plastic bags, the flashing of the light bulbs and the distinctive sound of a vacuum cleaner engine.

This interplay of light, sound and form, which is controllable by the user, creates a feeling of playing a mulitmodal instrument. The light objects with their vacuum pipe and placed in mid-air, had the form of flying swans, thus the title.

Installation view; Photo by Daniel Hausig
Installation view showing the interaction with the controller; Photo by Daniel Hausig

The work was created as a student project for a seminar of professor Daniel Hausig and was exhibited at the Stadtgalerie Baknang in 2010.

Early installation prototype; Photo by Daniel Hausig


  • Concept & Idea: Daniel Hausig, Henrik Elburn, Maik Helfrich, Nikolaus Schrot, Ingo Wendt
  • Realization: Daniel Hausig, Henrik Elburn, Maik Helfrich
  • Programming: Maik Helfrich

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