G20 – The Gathering

G20 – The Gathering

Protest Street Game (2017)


During the G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg, several forms of protest were developed, one of which was a so called protester’s street meta game. The only „rules“ that applied were that everyone was able to participate. The goal was to mobilize numerous people to participate in the game and thus in the protest.

To accumulate various forms of protest, IDEA forms were made available through hand-out and online download. These forms could then be used to write down Rituals or manuals for Tools utilized in the protest.

Rituals ranged from playful forms of squatting to spontaneous sound systems. Tools were items to motivate in the act of civil disobedience among others.

The game was loosly tight to a broader network called Alles Allen, which stands for solidarity, abolition of inequality and liberty from state violence.


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