Playful Virtual Sound Environment (2020/2021)

In contrast to conventional media, immersive and interactive VR environments are offering interesting possibilites, both on a technical and an artistic level, that far exceed those of music videos.

Thus Endogeny’s focus lies not only on the virtual 3D world as a playful environment, but especially on the spatial properties when dealing with performance, music and sound.

A team of musicians, game designers and graphic artists combine their expertise to form a surreal world in which sound and music can be perceived in novel ways.

Endogeny is a joint-venture of the HAW Hamburg Tonlabor, managed by professor Thomas Görne, the departement Multimedia Composition of the HfMT Hamburg, represented by Dr. Konstantina Orlandatou, and the HAW GamesLab, represented by Maik Helfrich. The project was funded by Hamburg Innovation Call4Transfer.


  • Programming: Charly Preisig
  • Concept and PM: Anca Tutescu
  • 3D art: Valentin Fischer
  • Level design: Artjom Fransen
  • Music & sound design: Jan Wegmann
  • Concept art: Maria Weninger
  • Supervision: Prof. Thomas Görne, Dr. Konstantina Orlandatou, Maik Helfrich

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