EDDi – Epidemic Disease Detectives

Educational Game (2021)


Epidemic Disease Detective – Tracking down Infectious Diseases! A playful Open Educational Resource to learn about infectious disease epidemiology.

OER materials and browser version of EDDi

The plague, Spanish flu, Ebola, and COVID-19 – epidemics have always been part of human history and will continue to be a threat to global health in the future. At the same time, various actors in the public health sector are working together to counter infectious disease outbreaks and to track down their causes – real detective work! The HOOU Educational Resource EDDi – Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg brings this work to life by providing an interactive training resource, designed primarily for use in higher education, and tells the story of an outbreak of disease in Hamburg …

The primary target group are trainees in higher education (Bachelor, Master, PhD, advanced academic training) in the fields of health sciences, public health, epidemiology and medical science, but also other health care professions involved in e.g. outbreak investigation and control. In addition, EDDi allows individuals with an interest (and basic understanding) of infectious disease epidemiology and public health, but without a related educational profile, to experience outbreak investigation in a playful way and to explore infectious disease epidemiology.

EDDi is a modifiable Open Educational Resource (OER) and primarily addresses both trainees and lecturers in higher education. The OER is available in digital and non-digital format:

  1. A Serious Game (computer game) for self-study (individual or in groups) and classroom teaching, available offline (on Windows) or online
  2. A paper-based Table Top Exercise for self-study (individual or in groups) and classroom teaching, printables available for download

Being an OER, the educational resource can be modified, further developed or used as a template for new case studies, provided that the license(s) used are complied with. :

To get a glimpse into the back story, the team, and our motivation for EDDi – Epidemic Disease Detective, check out our podcast interview (German Only): Hamburg hOERt ein HOOU! Mit Serious Games Epidemien verstehen


  • Programming: Eric Massenberg, Johannes Kutsch, Peter Schmidt, Marcus Meiburg
  • Art design: Annabell Koenen-Rindfey
  • Game concept: Juliane Bönecke, Maik Helfrich, Eric Massenberg, Johannes Kutsch
  • Research: Ralf Reintjes, Julia Bieck, Norbert G. Schwarz, Ranjeet Dhonkal

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