calli clever

video games for kids


the video games of the calli clever-series where made for the website lernspaß für kinder, a website suited for children from the age of 6-12. while browsing through the various categories the kids can learn about nature, politics and history with fun games waiting as a reward. while the games are not meant to be educational in the first place, their settings match with the actual categories of the website, thus it’s easy for the kids to transport their new knowledge and hopp into the imaginary worlds of mascot calli clever.



the 2d-games are being developed by 2 people. the java-graphics library libGDX as well as the construct2 development-software where the tools of choice. the assets-content is part original, part cc-license. all the games are meant to be played with a mouse and one button. by pointing, clicking and releasing the player can interact with the game.


|libGDX| oliver eichner aka n0iz
|construct2| maik helfrich

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