Doors to Perception

Doors to Perception

VR Art Experience (2015)


The video game Doors to Perception is a playable interpretation of the visual world of polish artist Zdsislaw Beksinski. The game offers fantastic interactive settings, which players explore through a VR tech supported first-person perspective. With Doors to Perception, players are able to experience Beksinski‘s surrealistic artworks in a way never seen before. To enhance the immersion, the game features Oculus Rift DK1 support. The rift is a head-mounted virtual reality device. The player wears the Oculus on their head, thus having the display occupying all of the players line of sight. The build-in sensors respond to the player‘s head movements, which will translate directly into the game camera‘s first-person viewing angle. This will give the player the feeling of being directly put into the game world.

Teaser alpha version

The game was developed by a group of students of the master course Games at the University of Applied Science Hamburg. It was supervised by Prof. Ralf Hebecker. For more info on the project visit the developer blog over at Doors to Perception.


  • 2D art: Laura Bolter, Anna Dorokhova, Martin Kleingräber, David Solèr
  • 3D art: Benjamin Assig, Lukas Deuschel, Nicklas Luckwald, Valentin Sekinger
  • Programming: Matthias Ewald, Stephen Fuhrmann, Oliver eichner
  • PR & Social Media: Florian Haase
  • Project management & game design: Maik Helfrich

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