Light Installation (2010)

In the light installation Wind numerous self-made light objects, reminiscent of plants, are arranged in small groups to mimick a field of blooming luminated flowers waving in the wind. While woods and fields as backdrops are typical locations where flowers are an unsurprising feature, the glowing nature of the objects stand in contrast to visual habits.

Inner-city locations on the other hand contrast these habits, since flowers or plants are a rather unexpected sight in such concrete-heavy places. The gentle glow and motion of the objects stand out in front of these harsh backgrounds.

To further enhance the link between the luminated flowers, which get put in motion by the wind, the licht objects were placed in front of a wind turbine while exhibiting the work at the International Festival of Wind Art 2010. Besides the windy location on top of a hill in the middle of the Sachsenhausen wind park, the objects where powered solely by the wind turbine next to them, thus only powering them when wind drove the turbine.


The individual objects where made out of a metallic foot which hold a ca. 30cm spring. On top of the spring was the plastic case which housed a LED. The object could be powered either by two 1,5V AA batteries or by connecting them to an AC/DC transformer which was powered by a grid outlet resp. a similar 230V source.


  • Concept, objects & photography: Maik Helfrich

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