sprechende wand

interactive light & sound installation


light & sound performance at the Galerie der Stadt Backnang in 2009 and light installation at the University of Fine Arts Saar in the same year. The installation was developed by Prof. Daniel Hausig and his class. The windows were epquipped with two controllable LED-stripes each and a shield to diffuse the light. The whole setup was controlled via a DMX network.

For the performance, a live pure-data patch controlled the lights which was accompanied by a sample-player and an e-drum. Through MIDI-Signal the 3 performers and their equipment were linked. This way, the e-drum triggered light-patterns and the sample-player manipulated colour. The pure-data patch gathered the signals from the instruments and sent it to the DMX network.


|technical setup| daniel hausig, ingo wendt, henrik elburn, maik helfrich
|lights operating| maik helfrich
|sampler| sascha huppert
|e drum| felix christmann

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