sounds of love?

interactive video installation


sounds of love is an interactive animation film where the spectators are encouraged to live-dub the silenced movie themselves. through game controllers, they can trigger sounds and music while the film is playing. the interactive work was made during the PLAY14 Festival in hamburg in september 2014. it was realized with the pure data framework, propellerhead reason, loopMidi and vlc player.

rules & controls:

simple. just hit various buttons on the controller to trigger sounds and music clips. there is no reward system (,yet). the game can be played with up to four players simultaniously. each controller has a different set of sounds.


|sound & progamming| simon schmidt, wilko schmidth-dannert, maik helfrich
|graphics| eva hambach, kathrin appelt
|animation| piers goffart, ben biedrawa

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