nerd knowledge playground

poster ’nerd knowledge playground‘

interactive multimedia installation


this installation is part of my final exam at the university of fine  arts in saarbrücken. in this multimedia experience, up to four seperate users can control various stations and manipulate sound and videoprojections. the four stations a linked together, thus the users can interact with each other via the stations. the artwork was attendet by daniel hausig, christina kubisch and rolf sachsse. it was exibhited at ‚ehemalige becolin lack- und farbenfabrik‘ in saarbrücken from the 19th or april till the 10th of may 2013.

die arbeit ‚nerd knowledge play-
ground‘ ist ein modulares system
aus mehreren spielautomaten,
anschießbaren controllern zur
steuerung der software, videopro-
jektoren und klangerzeugern.

download the german .pdf file here

the work was developed within the zkk_zentrum für kabelgebundene kunst together with philipp alexander neumann and his own installation ‚angst‚. several video clips where produced in preperation to the exibhition:


|concept| maik helfrich
|realization| philipp alexander neuman, maik helfrich
|sound effects| luis baltes

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